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Finding an Accountant in New Jersey

Finding an Accountant in New Jersey

Whether you are new to business or you have been around for years you probably find the accounting portion of your business the least fun.  You are stuck doing the paperwork when you would rather be out landing new accounts or figuring out what direction that your business is going to take next, you are supposed to be the big picture guy not the details guy.  If you really want to focus on growing your business then you need to hire an accountant to handle the details.  Finding an accountant in New Jersey isn’t hard just follow these tips.  Here is some help with that.

New Jersey Accountants

There are plenty of highly qualified and certified accountants in New Jersey with plenty of experience and they will easily be able to manage your accounts.  You need to keep your financial records in perfect order, the IRS demands it.  If you ever want to secure business financing then again your books will need to be in order.  Before you start your hunt for a qualified accountant there are a couple of things you need to consider.  The first being what do you want them to do for you?

What Accountants Do

Most people only think about their accountant when tax season rolls around.  They arrive at the accountant’s office with their shoe box full of receipts and expect them to work miracles and make sure they don’t have to pay too much in taxes.  If this is you then you are really doing your accountant a disservice and not taking advantage of all they can do for you.  Tax preparation is just one element of an accountants job, albeit it is an important one.

Financial Reports

Knowing where you are financially is crucial to the survival of any business and your accountant is the best person to give you an accurate financial picture.  If you haven’t done it already then work with your accountant to set your books up in a cloud based system.  Your accountant can work remotely and you can access and update your financial records with a few keystrokes, you can even do it from your phone.  No more showing up with shoe boxes full of receipts.

At some point in your business life you will want to expand and most likely you will need financing to do it.  Whether you go through a bank or opt for less traditional financing the lender is going to want to see your financial reports.   The will want to see the cash flow, financial projects, accounts receivables and everything else.  Your accountant can quickly put these together for you to help you secure the loan.  Your accountant is crucial to your business growth.

Before you hire an accountant always make sure that they are fully certified and accredited in the industry.  Check with other business owners to see who they recommend and you can always check review sites like Yelp, or even Google to make sure they serving their customers in the best way possible.