How Postpartum Therapists in Jersey City Help The Mental Health Of Mothers

Being a mother is one of the most blessed and pleasant feelings of the world. The journey of pregnancy is long and sometimes complicated. You carry your baby with you for 9 months. You go through a roller coaster of emotions where you anticipate the arrival of the baby. After 9 months when you finally hold your baby in your arms, it is a completely different feeling. But it is not always so happy and cheerful as it may sound. Many mothers face postpartum depression and need postpartum therapy by professionals.

What exactly is postpartum therapy?

After the childbirth, the mother goes through a lot of physical changes. This can be due to the sudden drop in the hormonal levels. When progesterone and estrogen level drops, it can cause postpartum depression or blues. This can make the mother feel sluggish and tired all the time. They can face emotional issues. Postpartum therapy is a form of treatment for depression. It is mainly a talk therapy where a professional counselor will talk to you and help you.

As a lot of things change after childbirth, it can be quite an overwhelming and stressful feeling for the mother. The therapist will talk to you to understand your mindset and thoughts to know you better. Also, the therapist will help you to look at these things differently. The professionals can understand how to make the mother feel better and hence they will suggest changing some of the behaviors too. Some of the things the therapist focuses on during the postpartum therapy are – your feelings, behavior, beliefs, history and your present life.

Finding a trusted pregnancy and postpartum therapist: What should you know?

You need to make sure that you are hiring one of the best pregnancy and postpartum therapists for you. Though many women go through this postpartum depression, it must not be taken lightly. Sometimes it can get worse affecting your mental health for the long term. Some of the factors you should know while choosing the best therapist are:


  1. Experienced: The most important factor is that you have to choose the best and most experienced therapist for treating your condition.
  2. Easy to communicate: You must choose a therapist who is easy to communicate and talk to. You have to choose someone who will help you to open up and understand your feelings.
  3. Licensed: Make sure to check whether or not the therapist is genuine and has a valid license. You will not want to open up to someone who is not even a legal therapist.

Moreover, you must know that these postpartum therapists are professionals. They neither judge you for your behavior nor for your thought process. So, don’t hold back! Contact Footprint New Jersey for reliable experts.

How Postpartum Therapy Helps Your Mental Health


With the help of the postpartum therapy you can get two benefits. These are:


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: Here you and your therapist will work together to identify the main issues and problems. Then, the therapist will try to change your behaviors or your thoughts that can be harmful for your mental health.
  • Interpersonal therapy: Here the therapist will help you in understand your own behavior which can be harmful and will help you to work through those issues.